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International House of Art for Children, was established in 1987 as a partner of the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava. Bibiana exhibits art for children in unconventional, experimental forms of work, putting information, knowledge and experience into new contexts and communicating with children in new ways that are easily understood by them. It usually hosts interactive exhibitions featuring accompanying – dramatic performances, creative workshops and music programmes.
Address: Panska street 41

ZOO and Dinopark

Shortly after its opening in May 1960, Bratislava ZOO achieved breeding success. Currrently, Bratislava ZOO is home to 1057 bred animals representing 143 species. Bratislava Zoological Garden covers an area of 3 ha and features an exposition of Mesozoic reptiles unique in Central Europe. The forest surroundings have 27 life-size dinosaurs with accompanying sound effects and also inclludes a children´s palaeontological playground, aducational path, and a 3D movie about evolution.
Address: Mlynska dolina 1

Chair lift Železna studienka – Kamzik (Koliba)

The ski lift oparates year round. It has a capacity of 342 people per hour. The distance between the two stations is 988 metres and one-way trip tak 15 minutes. Tobbogan track is 360 metre track which is popular with children and adults alike.

The Liana Ropes Complex at Aupark

The Liana Ropes Complex at Aupark shopping centre is a Premium recreational and sporting facility. The course has 24 ropes over three floors-with heights up to 10 metres-as well as a nerve shaking, heart racing, adrenalin pumping zip wire. So come a put your courage to the test while enjoying amazing views of Bratislava Castle. Just don´t look down.